Sonyericsson T105LCD

Sonyericsson T105 LCD

 Pin1: Vss1
 Pin2: V6
 Pin3: V5
 Pin4: V4
 Pin5: V3
 Pin6: V2 (all to .47uF)
 Pin7: C2N
 Pin8: C2P (1uF)
 Pin9: C1P (1uF)
 Pin10: C1N
 Pin11: C3P (1uF)
 Pin12: VCC
 Pin13: VSS (GND)
 Pin14: VDD (SHORT TO E/_RD)
 Pin15: D7
 Pin16: D6
 Pin17: D5
 Pin18: D4
 Pin19: D3
 Pin20: D2
 Pin21: D1
 Pin22: D0
 Pin23: _RD/E (VDD)
 Pin24: _WR/ R/W (GND)
 Pin25: A0
 Pin26: _RES
 Pin27: _CS
 Pin28: C68 (GND)
 Pin29: GND
 Pin30: GND

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